Notable Employment Cases

  • Union Employer Harassing & Suspending Client: Client Reinstated:
  • When the client hired Mr. Kilada, he complained of being harassed at work by his union supervisor and as a result was suspended by the union. The client was placed on unpaid leave pending the determination of the union grievance process. The union lawyer representing the client advised the client to gracefully resign his position at the union which would have had significant ramifications including diminished pension, loss of back pay and unemployment. Mr. Kilada appeared on the case and was successfully able to discredit the witnesses at the union grievance process and secure a large financial award for the client including reinstatement to his former position at the union.

  • Nursing student discriminated against by Nursing School and discharged from program: Cash award secured for client:
  • By conducting a thorough investigation into the client’s case against the university, Mr. Kilada was able to show, through witness testimony that the Nursing School has violated federal discrimination laws and was ultimately able to secure a large financial award for the client. Indeed, several high ranking school officials were questioned by Mr. Kilada and the inconsistencies in their stories were exploited by Mr. Kilada for the benefit of his client.

  • Real Estate Conglomerate engages in Anti-Semitic activities against Client : Cash award secured for client:
  • The client came to the firm on a very difficult case claiming anti-Semitism. With the help of our in-house investigator, a compelling version of facts was established to support the view of the client. Through witness interviews, the story of the client was corroborated and a large cash award was secured for the client.

  • Multi National Corporation engages in Anti-Muslim activities:
  • After interviewing several witnesses, gathering witness statements and conducting a thorough investigation with the use of our in house investigator, a pattern of discrimination is discovered which results in a large financial award for the client.

  • Successful Pharmaceutical Drug Representative Discriminated against:
  • When the client retained Mr. Kilada, he had already been fired. After Mr. Kilada evaluated the case, it was established that the client had been subjected to discrimination which ultimately led to a financial award for the client as well as a neutral reference by the Pharmaceutical Company so that the reputation of the client was not injured.

  • Female Sexual Harassment Victim protected and compensated:
  • When the client initially came to see Mr. Kilada; she had all but given up. The Sexual Harassment had already been going on for a long time. She had complained to human resources. They promised to help but nothing ever changed. After the client retained Mr. Kilada and he announced his representation to her employer, the Sexual Harassment stopped; the client was able to conduct her job with dignity and without fear of retaliation and a large cash award was secured for the client.

  • National & Local Recognition:
  • The above successes are only a partial representation of what the firm has achieved. Mr. Kilada has been involved in several cases that have attracted national attention and Mr. Kilada often appears as a legal analyst on national news media offering legal opinion on employment law trends. Google Mr. Kilada to further explore significant cases that have attracted the attention of National and Local media. Call today for a private and confidential consultation regarding your Employment Case.

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