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Finding and more importantly, trusting a lawyer to handle your case can be a process that is filled with anxiety and uncertainty. So how do you choose a lawyer to handle your most dear and sensitive issues? The only clear answer is to meet that lawyer in person and decide for yourself. I invite you to a one on one private and confidential consultation regarding your State or Federal case.

If you choose to retain the firm, you will be confident that you have the complete loyalty of the firm and that we will fight very hard to achieve the goals that have been set for your case. Client expectations are first and foremost as the goal of the firm.

The Law Office of Joseph Kilada is a litigation law firm built from the ground up on reputation and results. The firm represents private sector employees and management in state courts and federal courts in all stages of employment law and labor law issues.

In addition to being a top Employment Law firm, we have also achieved national recognition as a Federal Criminal Defense Firm, and we are often called upon to provide commentary in these two areas of expertise by National and Local news sources. Please see our media Section to watch television interviews on a variety of subjects relevant to both areas of practice.

The firm has enormous expertise in federal court and State court, but we excel in federal court where most firms simply lack the experience or courage to prosecute or defend federal cases on behalf of their clients.

Whether your case started out in the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or started out in the New York State Division of Human Rights, you must have an experienced federal litigator fluent in federal law to assist you. If you have yet to file a Charge of Discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or with the New York State Division of Human Rights, as a federal attorney, I can guide you through the process successfully.

As a New York City employment lawyer, I have a wealth of expertise in state and federal courts and regularly achieve superlative results for our clients. An EEOC litigation lawyer is a powerful asset for an employee to have. As a federal lawyer, I have regularly appeared in the Southern District of New York, SDNY, which covers Manhattan, White Plains and Middletown and the Eastern District of New York, EDNY, which covers Brooklyn, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens County, and Richmond County. I have also prepared briefs to the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit which has jurisdiction over the SDNY and EDNY and the federal agencies in the geographic area such as the FBI, DEA, and United States Post Office.

In addition to regularly appearing as an EEOC Lawyer, the firm handles many cases representing Federal Employees from all different Federal Agencies, including DHS, USDA, NASA, DOD, and USPS.

Major areas where clients often seek an experienced federal litigator is the employee that has suffered based on Age Discrimination, where older workers are forced to retire early, are laid off, subject to unfair treatment or are denied a job promotion or are treated differently than younger employees. Race / Color Discrimination, where workers of a protected class earn less salary for equal work, are denied promotions, advancement, benefits, are demoted, fired or are given less opportunity than employees of a different race. Sexual Harassment, Same sex harassment is protected in addition to any worker/ employee that are subjected to an unwelcome sexual advance. Examples include: unwelcome touching, kissing, propositions, unwelcome sexual emails, letters or obscene humor or obscene jokes or any proposition of a sexual nature. Disability Discrimination, if your employer has failed to provide a reasonable accommodation for a recognized disability, you may have an actionable case and I would like to help you achieve the dignity and respect you deserve as an individual. Retaliation Discrimination, often times the worker that has engaged in protected activity such as whistleblowing or filing an EEOC charge is subjected to an adverse employment action by the employer as a way to get back at the employee. These actions by the employer are illegal and subject the employer to liability under anti-discrimination laws. National Origin Discrimination, it is illegal for you to be subject to discrimination because you are from a different part of the world or have an accent. Pregnancy Discrimination, unwelcome conduct because you are pregnant is prohibited such as being refused a job, being laid off, or you are fired, demoted, or denied promotion. Religious Discrimination, when you are discriminated because your religious faith. Genetic Information, Gender / Sex, or Sexual Orientation Discrimination when you are discriminated because of your sexual preferences.

Family Medical Leave Act, FMLA, where the employee is allowed job-protected leave which is unpaid for covered medical and family reasons and the employee is entitled group health insurance coverage with the same conditions and terms. The conditions and terms apply as if the employee had not taken any leave.

Hostile Work Environment, severe and pervasive conduct that interferes with the ability of the employee to perform her job is actionable when it is predicated on an allegation of discrimination.

Marital Status Discrimination occurs when an employee is treated adversely because he or she is divorced, married, single or has a same sex marital relationship.

In addition to protecting your rights based on illegal discrimination, we have reviewed and successfully negotiated severance packages and severance agreements. We can also help structure Employee Contracts, and Employee Benefits. Other areas within the expertise of the firm include Executive Compensation.

Call or email me today and you will receive a prompt response and more importantly, peace of mind regarding your situation. I am the New York City employment lawyer that can help you now.

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