Insurance Litigation

Disputes concerning both corporate and individual insurance coverage often result in litigation. We have specialized in cases regarding all various forms of commercial insurance, error and omissions insurance and director and officer liability. We also have dealt with cases of personal and family insurance, regarding umbrella policies, all forms of life, health and any accident insurance policies, including homeowners insurance, flood insurance and property insurance. Mounting medical bills and an intractable insurance provider does not mean a death sentence for your family, we have an unwavering commitment to ensure that health insurers settle with aggrieved parties. A zealous advocate standing up to big insurance can alleviate much of your family’s or business’s financial problems. We have litigated and reached settlements from both sides from representing major insurance companies to individual policy holder.

In anticipation of litigation, we are skilled at policy interpretation in all aspects of insurance law. It is crucial that the policy holder understand precisely the limits and possible shortcomings of their policy so they are entitled to maximum relief. Paying out a large settlement can decimate any business, it is vital that companies are protected within the limits of their coverage, and are in a viable position to advocate against their insurance company if their needs are not being met. We have handled cases of professional liability insurance, including medical malpractice insurance, legal liability insurance, mental health professional insurance even insurance for tradesmen such as demolition, bonded and insured contractors in all areas of construction and electricians. We are capable of analyzing insurance claims for fire and explosion and construction accidents as well as New York’s unique workers compensation and no-fault insurance claims. Additionally, we are well-versed in dealing with New York’s unique claims and detailed filing requirements for claims brought against a municipality, the State or any governmental agency. New York’s body of law in this regard creates tight deadline and notice requirements making the need for a qualified and skilled attorney early in the process essential for success at trial. We have handled cases involving all facets of automobile insurance, including bad faith claims and lessor’s liability for rental vehicles. Defective products and product liability action and defense may be brought as stand alone litigation or enjoined into a larger mass tort or class action lawsuit, we are capable of handling any possible result. Often complex litigation and settlements can arise from issues of reinsurance, subrogation claims, or joint-liability insurers with numerous parties suing to indemnify, having a skilled attorney in this regard is crucial to having the client’s rights asserted at each stage of the proceeding.

Nearly all insurance litigation can be expensive, time-consuming and exhausting, a qualified and skilled attorney can alleviate much of the burden while minimizing your family or business exposure and maximizing your coverage and relief. We will develop a comprehensive and effective strategy specifically catered to your specific insurance dispute or claim, the viability of your family or business may depend on it, and we understand that.

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