Private investigator / Private investigation

In addition to the Federal Attorney, the lifeblood of a great Criminal Defense is the investigator that assists the attorney to help develop favorable evidence for the client and to an extent, minimize and discredit evidence that is favorable to the government.

By the time the Government acts on arrest warrants and you are in custody, a fair amount of investigation, perhaps for years, has been conducted. The Government investigation may include Audio recording by hidden receiver, Wiretaps on your cell phone, Photographic surveillance, and Aerial surveillance to name just a few. The Federal Lawyer that you hire must be able to counter the government at every turn to adequately defend your case.

One of the first critical things I do, as a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney; for each and every client is to perform a thorough investigation of the case. Significant cases have been won based on the quality and effectiveness of a thorough investigation. This includes interviewing witnesses that the government may know and not know about, evidence gathering, taking still and video photography, and other operating surveillance equipment. We also maintain a fleet of vehicles for our day-to-day operations.

Our range of investigative services includes trial-preparation for Federal Criminal Defense, State Criminal Defense, Federal Civil and Discrimination cases in both Federal and State Courts. We have extensive experience in Federal Conspiracy Cases, Firearm Cases, Mortgage Fraud Cases, Organized Crime " Mafia", Narcotics, Drug Offenses, Terrorism Cases, and Computer Cases to name just a few. We specialize in background checks, and missing persons, and high-profile investigations for corporations, individuals, insurance companies and individuals in Federal & State Courts.

We utilize state of the art computer technology for all investigations to complement our extensive years of investigative experience. Our online services include connections for retrieval of worldwide information and database access to personal, professional, financial, criminal, civil, driving and other records. Our offices are also equipped with still and video photography equipment and covert audio, video and surveillance equipment.

Our private investigators are discrete professionals with years of real-world experience. They utilize their proven investigative techniques and extensive surveillance expertise and insight to develop strategies to meet the diversified needs of our clients.

Indeed, our investigators are Alumni of Federal and State Law Enforcement.

When choosing a Federal Criminal Defense firm to meet your needs; go with the firm that has the ability, resources, experience and dedication. That is the critical difference.

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