Notable State Cases


Criminal & White Collar Defense

  • Driving While Under Influence & Narcotics : Charges Dismissed
  • After Suppression Hearing and intense litigation, all the criminal charges of Narcotics possession and other related charges against the client were dismissed in their entirety.

  • State Mortgage Fraud : Charges Dismissed
  • After conducting a thorough investigation into the case filed by the District Attorney’s Office, enough mitigation and persuasive authority existed and was presented to the District Attorney in a way that convinced the office to completely dismiss the charges against the client.

  • Nassau County Grand Jury Declines to Indict Client : Assault Charges Dismissed
  • After an intense investigation performed by Mr. Kilada and a well-researched Presentation to the Grand Jury. The Grand Jury voted not to indict the client and the charges were dismissed altogether against the client.

  • Nassau County District Attorney Dismisses Felony Mischief:
  • After a long fought battle with the Nassau County District Attorney, all felony charges against client are dismissed. After a thorough investigation by Mr. Kilada and his investigator, the charges filed are refuted and the Client receives a disorderly conduct.

  • Manhattan District Attorney Dismisses Assault Charges against Client:
  • After investigating the case with the help of office personnel, the entire case against the client was dismissed. This dismissal saved the reputation of a young man, and resulted in no adverse consequences at his university and will not hinder his future desire to attend medical school.

  • District Attorney Dismisses Felony Possession of a Forged Instrument:
  • After a thorough investigation of the case, Mr. Kilada was able to establish that the Fourth amendment rights of the client were violated by the police and the felony charges against the client are dismissed and client receives a disorderly conduct.

  • District Attorney Dismisses Petit Larceny:
  • Despite the fact that the client had previously been convicted, when Mr. Kilada appeared on her new case, he was able to discover flaws in the prosecution case that resulted in a dismissal of the criminal charges. The client was able to save her career as a nurse and move forward with her life.

  • Suffolk County District Attorney Dismisses charges against Client:
  • In a criminal court case where Mr. Kilada was retained by the client, a thorough investigation revealed that the police falsely arrested the client. The investigation was presented to the District Attorney and the case was dismissed in its entirety against the client.

  • District Attorney Dismisses Burglary in the Second Degree:
  • After Mr. Kilada appeared on this case and researched the relevant law, the felony charges against the young client were dismissed by the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office and the young client received only a violation. Similarly situated clients defended by other lawyers in the case received criminal convictions.

  • Queens District Attorney Dismisses Felony Charges against Client:
  • When the client initially retained Mr. Kilada, he was facing severe Felony Charges. After a thorough investigation which included talking to several prosecution witnesses, enough evidence was developed that refuted the government case. The felony charges were dismissed in their entirety and the client received a disorderly conduct which did not have any negative consequences for his immigration status.

  • The above successes are only a partial representation of what the firm has achieved. Call today for a private and confidential consultation regarding your State Criminal Case.
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