Notable Federal Cases


Criminal & White Collar Defense

  • 22 Million Dollar Federal Fraud Case : 1 Day incarceration
  • Joseph Kilada and a team of dedicated specialists assemble by him specifically for this case obtained a symbolic sentence of only one day incarceration for the client. The sentencing range according to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines should have been considerably higher. Mr. Kilada made zealous and persuasive arguments at sentencing which resulted in a symbolic sentence of one day jail imposed by the court. Other similarly situated defendants in the case represented by other lawyers ended up being incarcerated for lengthy sentences.

  • State Mortgage Fraud : Charges Dismissed
  • After conducting a thorough investigation into the case filed by the District Attorney’s Office, enough mitigation and persuasive authority existed and was presented to the District Attorney in a way that convinced the office to completely dismiss the charges against the client.

  • Federal Mortgage Fraud : No Charges Filed
  • After meeting with the United States Attorney’s office and representatives from the United States Secret Service, Mr. Kilada was able to deflect attention away from his client which resulted in no federal charges being filed against the client.

  • Death Penalty Case: Death Penalty not Authorized by Washington D.C.
  • Joseph Kilada and a team of mitigation specialists assemble by Mr. Kilada specifically for this case discovered enough compelling mitigation and presented the mitigation in the most favorable light to the client and convinced the United States Attorney at Washington D.C. to not authorize the Death Penalty against the client.

  • Mafia Organized Crime Case : Federal Prosecutor unable to prove Racketeering
  • After a lengthy investigation that covered several states and numerous witnesses, Mr. Kilada was able to discredit several racketeering acts based on evidence discovered that discredited government witnesses. Instead, the client served much less jail time, and pleaded guilty to a minor charge.

  • Cocaine Importation Columbian Cartel: non- guidelines sentence imposed
  • Through the investigative efforts of the office, Mr. Kilada was able to discount several hundred kilograms of cocaine that the government initially attributed to the client. As a result, a significant reduction in the ultimate sentence was successfully obtained.

  • Federal Sentencing Guidelines error on part of government discovered
  • When Mr. Kilada took over this case from another lawyer, the client was to be sentenced to almost 7 years. Mr. Kilada discovered an error on the part of the government and after a hearing was held, the client was sentenced to only a few months.

  • Federal Criminal Charges Dismissed
  • After the Government had issued Federal Arrest Warrants for the arrest of the client, Mr. Kilada appeared on the case, conducted an intense investigation, and was able to keep the government from filing further charges against the client and ultimately was able to achieve a dismissal of all the charges pending against the client.

The above successes are only a partial representation of what the firm has achieved. Chances are, by the time the government obtains arrest warrants; it will have been investigating you for several months, if not years. Call today for a private and confidential consultation regarding your Federal Criminal Case. 
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