Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage Fraud is prosecuted by the United States Attorney in Federal Criminal Cases and is also prosecuted by the State Attorney General in State Criminal Cases. I invite you to a free one on one private and completely confidential consultation. I have successfully defended Fraud cases on the State and Federal level. I have had dealings with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, F.B.I., Secret Service and other Governmental agencies to deflect attention away from the Client. In some instances we have successfully prevented a criminal case from originating against the Client. Make no mistake, defense of a Federal Mortgage Fraud case or State Mortgage Fraud case is a complex matter that is only properly defended by an experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer. I routinely appear in Federal and State Criminal Courts and I have the experience that you need for proper winning representation.

Now that the Real Estate Bubble has come and gone the Banks are increasingly trying to recover bad or " Toxic loans " by whatever means possible. Increasingly banks are turning to Federal and State Government claiming the loans they made are the product of fraudulent loan applications and various other frauds. This is simply not true in some cases and increasingly the private citizen is becoming the target of federally initiated probes. The target of the probe may hear terms such as Straw Buyer, where the target is accused of acting as a middle man for a real estate purchase. Often times the real estate broker is implicated in the mortgage fraud. The federal probe will also often focus on the home appraiser, the title attorney, and the mortgage broker.

Often times the federal authorities will portray the matter as a Federal Conspiracy. Indeed, this is most concerning given the level of proof that the government must establish. Often, these cases are won and lost at the very early stages when the government is still deciding exactly which person to focus on, target, and convict. If you have a concern, are the target of an investigation, or are already indicted, do not hesitate to call me now and I will give you the best possible advice to help.

You should never talk to federal authorities alone regarding a fraud case because there are many subtleties and you may be unknowingly admitting culpability even though you do not believe anything wrong has happened.


Appraisal Fraud:This can be prosecuted where the value of a home is deliberately over stated to the bank in order to secure a greater loan amount or financing.
Cash Back Schemes:This is when, as a result of an artificially inflated appraisal, the difference between the appraisal price and the purchase price is pocketed by the participants.
Employment Fraud:This is when a potential borrower fraudulently represents employment or fraudulently represents salary or income which does not exist in order to obtain financing or greater financing.
Identity Theft:Prosecutions occur when one uses the identity of another without their knowledge to obtain financing from a bank.
Shot Gunning:Fraud scheme whereby multiple loans are obtained for a single property simultaneously for an amount far in excess of the actual value of the property.

The common theme for Law Enforcement is that the Bank has lost money and now because of political pressure from the media, taxpayers and lobby groups, someone must be held accountable. Do not fall into this trap. Let accountability be the concern of the bank and protect yourself with the Lawyers from my firm. We can help stop a problem before it starts.

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