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Dear Joe, I was standing outside in my backyard thinking of the past year and all the changes my family went through and thought of you. I wanted to thank you for all your help with my son, Michael. I know it was your job but I felt you really went out of your way to help him. He is doing so much better thanks to your help and in turn, so am I. I hope you are well, Thank you.

I wanted to give you an update on my life. I know it has been several months since the case has concluded, but I am in such a good place in my life right now and I just wanted to thank you. I was such a mess, my life was such a mess when I came to see you. When I left your office the first day after hiring you, based on the conversation, I knew that things would work out. You gave me the confidence and support I needed to face the situation but more importantly, I knew you would protect me, protect my family, and get the good result. I am so grateful I found you. I really do not know how things would have turned out if I did not find you and I thank God every day that I did find you. I feel so fortunate.

“I show much appreciation towards what you did for me and my mother. Thanks to you, I will be graduating on time with no hassle. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed, thank you again. I can honestly say that your legal service has had a positive impact on my life now and well into the future in a positive way.”

“ Joe, Thank you so much for helping my son in his hour of need! My son had an extremely difficult time after his father died at age 11. Knowing that someone cared enough to help means everything! I am thankful for all your good deeds and the result that we hoped would happen! “

“Dear Joe, we just want to thank you very much for your terrific efforts and for being so kind. When we originally came to see you, we had all but given up. The lawyer that we previously hired had our case at a standstill and it looked like things would not work out for me and my fiancé. True to your word, you got the case moving for us and achieved a fantastic result in our favor in what was a very difficult and complex case. We will always be grateful.”

Dear Joe, my family and I wanted to thank you for your efforts on my federal criminal case. I was terrified when the F.B.I. came to arrest me and was greatly intimidated by the whole thing. The way you broke down the stages of the case into language I could understand and to guide me through the process was incredible. The day the judge announced the sentence changed my life forever. All the attorney’s I interviewed before you told me I would be going to jail but when the judge announced there would be no jail, I was truly amazed and so grateful as you could probably tell from my reaction in court. That day changed my life forever. It helped me keep my family together, and move forward to marriage. I know words can’t express what you did for me and I am forever thankful.

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